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Moab Paper for Epson, Canon and HP inkjet
Moab Entrada Rag Natural offers all of the benefits of Entrada Rag Bright with no optical brighteners (no OBAs). It is an award-winning art paper made of 100% cotton and exhibits a native white surface reflecting the true color of cotton to bring your vision to life. This naturally acid- and lignin-free paper offers an expanded color gamut, natural contrast and high ink load that is compatible with both dye and pigment inks. It lends itself to warm black and white prints as well as soft white color prints. The choice of thousands of fine artists worldwide. Made in USA
-Available in double sided sheets and rolls
Photography, Portrait, Posters, Graphic Art Reproduction
Physical Specications
Type of Material: 100% Cotton
Basis Weight: 190gsm
Caliper: 15.5mil
Buffering:: Calcium carbonate
Whiteness (RTM-0013) 84%
OBA Content: None
Acid Free: Yes
PH Value: 8
Surface: Matte
Aqueous Piezo Printer Compatibility: All
Aqueous Thermal Printer Compatibility: All
Ink Compatibility: Pigment, Dye
Storage: 72°F (22°C); Relative Humidity: 30-70% (Store in original packaging)
Print Settings & ICC Profile Our Custom ICC Profile will produce optimum results
Moab Masters > Norman Seeff
"Moab Entrada Rag Natural has the fidelity, warmth and depth I was seeking when I began creating digital prints of my images. It has superseded my favorite darkroom papers. The gorgeous matte surface turns my images into art and I am thrilled to have found a paper that fulfills all my aesthetic requirements.”
"The Look of Sound" by Norman Seeff
From 28th September 2014 through 25th January 2015 photography and "Rock-n-Roll" enthusiasts can look forward to this spectacular show. Zephyr – space for photography of the Reiss-Engelhorn-Museums Mannheim will be presenting in this exhibition "The Look of Sound" almost 200 images by the famous photographer Norman Seeff. Shown for the first time in Europe. Seeff was born in 1939 in South Africa and immigrated after his studies in Medicine in the 1960s to the USA. He became Art Director of the music labels Blue Note and United Artists.
In Los Angeles he quickly became a star in the photographic music business. He photographed and filmed such music and important stars like Jonny Cash, Ray Charles, Miles Davis, Steve Jobs, Frank Zappa, Zubin Mehta, just to name a few, and many other celebrities in his special style. The portraits are significant in their spontaneous vitality and give an depth insight into the visual and musical background of an aera. Seeffs hidden interest focused on researching where creativity comes from: During the photo sessions, which were often filmed as well, he asked the artists he was photographing:What does creativity mean for you? The photographed artists answered without holding back, because they were busy concentrating on the fact they were trying to show their persona throughout the photographic shoot. This gives us a deep insight into the artists soul. We will present some of this documented filmed session material on monitors throughout this "Rocking" show.
All digital images were printed on Moab’s Entrada Rag Natural 190.
Gled deg over den glatte og klare overflaten på dette kunstpapiret. Dette syrefrie, varmpressede, bomullsbaserte arkivpapiret er laget av enestående råmaterialer for å kunne gjengi farger, toner og detaljer av høyeste kvalitet – og sikre dem for fremtiden. Det er utformet for å fungere sømløst med Epsons skrivere for pigmentbasert blekk. Fine Art Cotton Smooth Bright Series Elegante og levende utskrifter Arkivkvalitet Dette kunstpapiret leveres av en anerkjent papirprodusent, og...
Opplev den glatte og naturlige overflaten på dette varmpressede, bomullsbaserte arkivpapiret som vil gjengi farger, nyanser og detaljer nøyaktig – og bevare dem i mange år fremover. Siden de er utformet for å fungere sømløst med Epsons utvalg av skrivere for pigmentbasert blekk, kan du forvente en problemfri opplevelse. Arkivkvalitet Dette kunstpapiret leveres av en anerkjent papirprodusent, og er laget av råvarer av høyeste kvalitet som er valgt ut til å produsere
Tradisjonell foto fiberbase Ser ut som, og føles som tradisjonelt baryta-fotopapir Høy kvalitet i både sort/hvit og fargebilder Bred fargeskala gir levende bilder Perfekt til digital toning Fantastisk skarphet Kompatibelt med både pigment- og dye baserte printere, men best resultat oppnås med pigmentblekk
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