KAMI SXL 2001 Skannervæske

Til bruk for våtskanning av negativer

Varenr: 115970
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Kami SXL 2001 er en ikke giftig veske som brukes til våtskanning av negativer på en flatbed scanner.

Economical Graphic Arts Scanner Mounting Fluid for transparency to drum mounting or on glass in flatbed scanner. Can be used in 98 % of all scanning jobs and increases productivity by 30 % as compared to oil mounting. Use as oil. Ideal for double oiling with cover sheet or single scan. No limit on enlargement, no clean-up either. Wipe over drum and start next mounting. SXL is free of grease and oil and contains no alcohol. In application, only tape the leading edge of transparencies in a row, squirt a few drops of SXL between drum and transparencies, pull cover sheet over, apply a few drops between cover sheet and transparencies, work likewise arount the cylinder. Before taping up bottom of cover sheet, squirt a few more drops of SXL below cover, seal tightly all sides. Proceed as if mounted in oil. After scanning remove all, wipe over drum with highly absorbent wiper once and start next mounting. (Try our lint-free =KAMI= Soft Reinigungstuch). Even the application of drum cleaner is not required. Wipe dry or air dry transparencies. No messy clean-up as with oil. Greatly improves productivity.


1 ltr.

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