Nitecore USN4 PRO USB Kamerabatterilader

Dobbel lader for Sony NP-FZ100

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Fujifilm NP-T125 Dual Slot
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Sony NP-FZ100 Dual Slot
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NB: Nitecore ladere får stømmen sin fra en USB-kilde (ikke inkludert). Det kan være en USB lader, som mobil- eller laptop-lader eller f.eks en Powerbank. Ytelsen/hastigheten på ladingen vil variere med strømkilden. Pro-versjonene støtter QC (QuickCharge 2.0) for ekstra høy ytelse. 


    Dual slot charger for Sony NP-FZ100 camera batteries
    4 hours to fully charge 2 batteries
    Displays information on battery level, voltage, and health
    Reverse polarity protection & anti-short circuit protection
    Compatible with power banks, 5V solar panels and USB adapters
    1200mA single slot MAX output

Included in the Box

    NITECORE USN4 Pro dual slot battery charger
    USB charging cable
    instruction manual
    warranty card

Dual Slot QuickCharge 2.0 USB Charger for Sony NP-FZ100 Batteries

Introducing the NITECORE USN4 Pro Dual-Slot USB Travel Charger that is specifically designed to recharge Sony NP-FZ100 camera batteries. When connected to a QC device or adapter, the dual port design of the USN4 Pro simultaneously charges two batteries so you can spend less time charging and more time snapping photos. QuickCharge 2.0 USB input enables max charging speeds up to 1.2A in a single slot. In only 4 hours this charger can completely charge 2 batteries!

Easy to Read Digital Display

The brightly lit LCD display reports real-time battery information, including battery health, voltage, charging current, temperature, and charged volume. No need to worry about overcharging your batteries as the USN4 Pro offers an intelligent USB charging management system that automatically applies the correct charging currents and prevents damage caused by improperly inserted batteries.

Compact & Safe for Travel

This lightweight and compact charger fits easily in bags for charging on the go. Compatible with universally available USB power sources like laptops, power banks, adapters, and solar panels, the USN4 Pro includes a removable USB cable that fits snuggly in an anti-drag groove to keep the charger stable on flat surfaces.


Compatible Batteries Sony NP-FZ100
Input Voltage DC 5V/2A or 9V/2A
Output Voltage Slot 1 8.4V±1%
Output Voltage Slot 2 8.4V±1%
Output Current - QC Mode 1200mA*1 (MAX), 800mA*2 (MAX)
Output Current - Standard Mode 1000mA*1 (MAX)
Input Type USB
Output Type Connector
Dimensions L-4.92"xW-2.76"xH-1.14"
Weight 3.35oz

Battery compatibility:

Sony camera battery NP-FZ100NP-FZ100

Compatible models:

a7 III, a7R III, a9 (ILCE-9)

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